TC Print Shop's Presents - A Monopoly Piece Set

TC Print Shop's Presents - A Monopoly Piece Set

TC Print Shop presents Monopoly! an original 5 piece set as an upgrade to the classic game we all know and love. Each piece was hand designed, printed, painted and coated using the fine craftsmanship we pride ourselves on here at da print shop.

These 5 pieces came to me in a dream, inspired by god? Perhaps. Knowing only I can bring these gifts into the world, I got to work. Endless days turned into weeks. A bender fueled by Budweiser and God's will. And boom it was complete. The big 5 were created. And man were they spectacular. Detail so fine you'd think Michelangelo chiseled it himself. Here they are, TC Print Shop presents the starting 5:

Up first we have Mr. Peanut. This one is too obvious I shouldn't even have to say it. Mr. Peanut was born to be in Monopoly. The top hat! the cane! and ohh that dashing monocle. Everything about him screams monopoly. I petition to have him replace the monopoly man himself, but for now a golden game piece will do.


Next up we have the mechanical canine. My man Goddard from Jimmy Neutron. A spin on the classic Scottish Terrier game piece, got the wheels turning for the best dog in all of cartoons. A most loyal and high functioning companion goes to the mechanical K9, Bark! Bark! Goddard has entered the game.


For our third piece we retrofitted the classic boot into the most iconic shoe there is, The Jordan 1. From classic white Air Forces to Michael Jordan's first game. These shoes a staple sneaker and will forever be a classic.


The next piece is another favorite of mine. upgrading the humble airplane piece into a fluffly beast by the name of Appa. The flying bison comes from the best damn show of all time Avatar! and not those blue lizard fucks, but the Last Airbender. Appa is the perfect representation of flight, transportation, and loyalty.


Finally, we have the Chance 3 Hat. Replacing the top hat with another iconic hat paying respect to a Chicago legend, Chance the Rapper. Chance at his peak could not be touched. 10 Day, Acid Rap, and Coloring Book was a reign like no other. We will choose to ignore his next album, the big day? or whatever the hell he called it. But nevertheless, we pay our respects and add the iconic chance three hat to the game. 


And there you have it, the big five! This was a fun test to test miniatures, detailing and custom inserts. I hope you enjoyed the show :)

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