Welcome to TC Print Shop [The Blog]

Welcome to TC Print Shop [The Blog]


Welcome to TC Print Shop. Where we bring your dreams to life. Really?? who the hell knows... We are here to create, whether that means art, NFT's, custom submissions, hell I just designed some keychains I'll prolly through on the store soon, it doesn't matter. Whatever you want, we can do for you (probably/hopefully). What are we working on now? Well I just watched a shit load of youtube videos to get the website up and running, so if you got any issues with it take it up with the HR department! (i just gestured at the trash can in my moms basement).

Anyways we got a lot projects on the way, hopefully a few Collaborations and always taking custom submissions. And I just found out I could add a blog page, so fuck it we got a blog now. I might blog about the company, keep yah updated on projects or hell I might blog about my top ten favorite gangster rappers, maybe post Sunday cartoons. It just doesn't really matter we are here for a good time, so let's ride. Thanks for coming along for the journey.

TCPrintShop to the fucking moon!!


- Yours truly,


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